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Tragedy at Kiegu

“At around 17:00pm the bell at our Chapel and siren rang calling to alert all available health workers to come running to the trauma and emergency area (OPD)!”

Maua Methodist Hospital wishes to express its very deep sorrow, compassion and sympathy to the 40 Road traffic accident casualties and their loved ones involved in the terrible accident that occurred on Friday 10TH Feb evening at Kiengu.

We also wish to thank the many citizens who showed incredible compassion for bringing all 40 casualties to Maua Methodist hospital, including the nine bodies. And a special thank you to all the medical professionals from the entire region of Maua (Doctors, nurses, clinical officers,) not working in the Methodist hospital who showed their love of the community by coming to serve alongside the dedicated doctors, nurses and hospital staff, all of whom were trying desperately to save lives and treat those involved in the tragic accident.

With the challenge of the current national doctors’ strike, the hospital staff and those who came to help were overwhelmed. 31 casualties had to be stabilized, bleeding stopped and injuries prioritized and attended to. Many medical supplies were used amounting to thousands of shillings. Many X-rays were taken. And the operating theater was busy all night trying to save those with the most severe injuries.

Thanks to our only surgeon Dr. Tony who worked all night in theatre for such a hard dedication.

We appreciate our community for giving us an opportunity to serve them, while filled with grief and sorrow, should be proud of how we came together. With the love of God, all who came, from all faiths, were treated with compassion, love and professionalism.

Thanks be to God for He is the giver of life and takes at His appointed time them that he chooses to.

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